Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Stock Options Trading" Keyword Challenge

My father's online newsletter has a tremendous following. I have helped develop his process, online presence, and most of his search engine optimization strategies from our offices in Vermont. His latest challenge to me is the keyword "stock options trading". While I made him #1 in Google for "stock options strategies", he is languishing down at 174th position on Google for "stock options trading". My goal is to get him into the top 10 of Google. Currently, his home page is lacking content. It has good navigation but no real content to work with. Along with basic content and programming changes, I am adding a newseltter tool that will take his great weekly saturday newseltters and put the most recent articles on teh home page below the navigation. It's great for new visitors to read but will also help Google want to come back to the site and give it good rankings because of all the new relevant content.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

eBook Resource Center launches

For the last year, my business partner Scott and I have been working on building and marketing eBooks. After countless hours of research, we decided to organize our research into a new website called eBook Resource Center. We have profiled 25 products relating to organizing, writing, securing, and creating covers to sell and market eBooks. There are some powerful insights in these products to help you jump start your eBook project no matter if you are just starting an eBook or have already published one.

What does this have to do with Search Engine Optimization, you might ask. Well, creating free reports or an eBook on your topic of interest is a phenomenal way to get keyword rich backlinks to your website. In addition, if you load your eBook or white paper as a PDF on your site, most robots will index the content (google in particular). So for very little space on a webpage, a PDF link provides a ton of keyword rich content without compromising what might be an already strong landing page that you don't want to clutter with lots of other copy.

You can also check out our feature by feature eBook Software comparison guide at eBook Software Guide.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Andrew Allen to #1 in Google

I have been having an ongoing battle to be #1 in Google for my name "Andrew Allen". I was languishing in position 86 for a long time. With some strategic page optimization, relevant link building on some partner sites, and some blogging, over the period of 2years, i almost reached my goal of being #1! I got to #3 in Google in May of 2007. See screen shot.

However, after neglecting project for the last year, I have been bouncing around from anywhere between the top 10 in Google and in the 80th position. How strange! Anyway, I am back to trying to keep myself in the top 10. Tonight, I am at position #83. So i will keep you posted.