Saturday, October 29, 2011

SPAM, SPAM and more SPAM in Vermont

SPAM! We all hate it. But to be in business and actively pursue unsolicited emails from potential clients, donors, vendors, etc some SPAM is going to get through. Read a little bit about the battle that is waged against SPAM on a continuum. We all wish there was a magic bullet for SPAM...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Coolbreeze Air Conditioning in Tuscon, AZ speaks Spanish!

Through our iMarket Solutions partnership, we have a client in Tuscon Arizona, CoolBreeze Air Conditioning and Heating. In their market, they have a large Spanish speaking population. And since Cool Breeze cannot necessarily afford the expense of having an entire website translated into Spanish (particularly when considering all the ongoing blog posts and social media content strategies they employ), they compromised on having a landing page translated into Spanish. The approach is to let their Spanish speaking potential clients know that they have staff both on the phone and in the field that can communicate in their native language. So far, this program has met with great success.

In particular, when discussing what can be a difficult subject matter for any consumer, it is important that the language not become a barrier. Air conditioning repair might be straight forward to CoolBreeze as they are experts. But talking about why an air conditioning system might not be working, or the options for air conditioning installation, or even describing the needs for an air conditioning repair can be difficult and confusing to the ordinary person let alone having the communication be compounded by a language barrier.

So the lesson is that you don't necessarily have to manage your entire website in a different language but if you do have a client segment that you know speaks another language, reach out and dedicate a page or section that speaks to them in their own language. It might be more expensive in the beginning but you will show that you care and earn more business. It has certainly been true for Cool Breeze and their air conditioning repair programs.

Cheers, Andrew