Sunday, December 14, 2008

Terrys Tips latest post...

We are offering a special, buy 1 of Terry's books and recieve his new book for free! Just $12.94 (when using Discount Code Tee) at and you get both books for the price of one.

To learn more about his books, review today's newseltter posting: Christmas Gift Ideas from the Conservative Options Strategy Website.

Terrys Tips Newsletter Posts

Adding content is critical! For Terry's Tips, we took their weekly newsletter which they were sending to their entire newsletter list every Monday and posted it to the website with an archive tool. We are now adding 1000 new words to the home page every week and adding articles to the archive. Within a week, this content is indexed by Google and appears in the search engines. And we are providing a great service for first time visitors. They get a tone of what Terry's Tips is all about and a snapshot into what the service being offered.

If you can, create a strategy that includes adding new content about your services, products or industry every week! Daily is best. Weekly is good. Monthly is a minimum.

And each of Terry's newsletters focuses on "trading stock options" which is one of their number one sought after keywords.